Easy Clean Up Kitchen Mats

Here is what our Art Director, Dusty Emerick, has to say about our Dwell and Good Rugs in his kitchen.
"What I love about these rugs -- I've got several in my home right now --
below our kitchen sink before these rugs was a disaster, it was nasty. We've
tried fiber rugs below the sink right on the floor and they just get nasty.
We clean them and throw them out but they just wear out and we're cycling
through these fiber rugs. So what I love about our vinyl rugs is they're so durable and they're so easy to clean. Coffee grounds will come right up. Anything spilled when we're doing dishes after dinner -- it's a disaster -- but if anything that spills on this rug I can just wipe it right up."
Check out our Easy to Clean Kitchen Mats on our Dwell&Good Website.
By the way, Dusty's dog is Elvis.